Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions
Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions

Golden Eagle Solutions are proud to partner with Sydney Backups , a technology supplier of Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions.

Benefits of implementing a cloud backup with Sydney Backups
Recover data every time, everywhere. With Sydney Backups, no matter what the disaster is, you can rest easy knowing you’re ready. Sydney Backups is a complete, end-to-end solution that gives you everything you need to recover your data from every disaster, big or small, like hardware failure, virus or ransomware infection, theft, flood, fire etc. The software and services that make up Sydney Backups work together to deliver everything you need to avoid disaster, and defeat it when necessary.

Comply with Australian mandatory data breach laws
Australian government has introduced tough new laws that penalise Australian businesses of all sizes for

With penalties of up to $1.8 million for loss of sensitive data, the impact of a breach on your business can be devastating.

Sydney Backups continuously backs up all customer and patient data to Australian data centres

Sydney Backups acts before the disaster with fast, secure, and reliable backup.
Image-based backup of everything, including operating system, applications, settings and data.

Continuous hourly incremental and differential backups to meet recovery point objectives.

Backup virtual and physical machines, servers, desktops and laptops.

Complete copy of your systems and data in a different location so you know you can recover, no matter how destructive the disaster.
Know your data is safe with encrypted, secure data transfer.

Long archiving policy allows recovery points from 12 months to 10 years.

Small bit increments of data mean less internet bandwidth required.

With Sydney Backups, you can forget about backups, end-to-end, we manage it all.
We monitor and manage both your on-site and off-site backup environment 24/7.

We control storage space and consolidate backups.

We check the status and verify backup image integrity

Sleep peacefully knowing you can recover every time, everywhere.
Sydney Backups performs automated daily tests to very your data integrity and recoverability are 100%.

For more information, contact us or visit Sydney Backups